Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what? walking to blog

Continuing with the plan, why? who? and now what? I'm walking again. I'm actually taking the time to let myself walk. My extra-brother, Jim, has a little rhyming ditty about taking life at 'walkin' speed' which describes his relation to his life based on the pace of his walking. I'm so related to my vehicle and driving around that the idea of walking speed definitely took a little getting used to, that is, until gas prices rose far enough above my means to make it a real budget issue to drive much much less, and only for several chores all at once, leaving out a great deal of the exploratory and traveling driving that I have done in the past. The gas is not the only issue now: I really need to get on to my load bearing apparatus and walk walk walk. To that end, I packed the computer into my rolling back pack and walked about a half mile to come to the cafe to free wireless internet. On the way there were a couple houses with free boxes parked at the driveway waiting my perusal and acquisition of small useful things. I also noticed the fruit trees abounding with ripening fruits: plums, pears and apples. The fruit in unwatered fields are smaller and more abundant waiting the gleaners of which I will be one - soon! It's also fun to see the gardeners in their yards and the young woman in her electric cart-car going off to the town. It's also plenty of walking for me right now, up to the second block, down past the apartments and the park and up the final two blocks to the cafe. Going home is better, down,up and then down again to our driveway. Today, my friend Unity has come to blog with me and we will take her car down and up and down to my place. Health and communication, two great what's for the day. What are your "what's" today?

Here's an affirmation/declaration which could be helpful to you:
Removing External Negative Energy from self or your space:
"You are not from me. I remove you root, leaf and stem and command you to return to your creator, in the name of the Everliving One, for I AM One with the Power that
Created me and I AM the Power of One!

In order for this declaration to work, Remember:
1. Focus your mind to address the pain, unease, or energy drain directly.
2.Command like a drill sergent acknowledging your own power: let it fill you and flow through you! Use your voice vigorously and mean it!
3. Repeat as often as necessary. It really works.

I also like to declare: Everywhere I go, I go freely, safely and respectfully. And that about covers it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Who? Everyone is a "Who"

Horton wasn't the only one who heard a Who. Imagine that I look in the mirror at the closest "who" I know: myself. Today I do not have a specific "who" to share with you but in the future, I will bring to you the profiles, words of wisdom, zany characteristics and funniness, skills and talents of some of the whos in my life. It is also possible that these people will have ideas to share and this blog will lead you to where they may be found.
Look around you and you will see Whos everywhere! Check it out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why? am I blogging?

Hello, I am lotusWFive. I'm creating this blog to open the energy for something new for me and, I hope, for you, too. Please bear with me because I have no experience and only lots of enthusiasm to go with.
What does LotusWFive mean and where did it come from. I think of "lotus' as a spiritual icon. It is a flower that grows in water, beginning in the oozy mud at pond bottom and rising upward to the surface where it spreads leaves and eventually flowers as an often magnificent, fragrant blossom. I think of this image as an inspiration for a life which seeks a higher way. Don't you think, as I do, that our world is ready for a higher way and right now? Certainly, the higher way begins in me and then, like the lotus itself, rises to the surface of a murky pond and blooms.
WFive comes from the name of a broadcast by CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, weekly on Saturday evening beamed from the national capital, Ottawa, which offered a synopsis of news from 5 w's namely, why, who, what, when, and where. This "WFive" will similarly bring to you information, comment, news, interviews, and what have you from these five points of view.
I propose to make them come more of less in order, why, who, what, when and where so that I may, and you as well, find in the archive an ongoing thread in each of these categories hopefully making it fairly easy to keep track of ideas you may be following.
This is the first "why" entry: I think this is about the philosophy of it all. Why blog at all? To bring out of myself something that I have yet to explore. It is my view that life is a journey rooted in the muddiness of a physical life beginning with family and society that sends a shoot through each of our experiences from childhood to maturity to an enlightenment, an unfolding beauty, a fragrance expressed in our service to each other and to all of life. My elderhood blooms now that I am ending seven decades next year with my 70th birthday!
I've chosen today because my study of numerology has tuned me into cycles of 9 years through applying the month and day of my birthday with the year number to point me to the exact place in those 9 years where this date lives, for me, the 5 universal day in a 5 cycle year. (As I go along I will give more about this and point you to other places where you may get other information.) For now, just trust me: this is the perfect day to begin!