Saturday, November 22, 2008

What? Computer hospitalized: terminal motherboard

The facts are that the computer went up in a flash of light across the entire screen with instant shut down on or about 10/10. It took a while to find the right person to find the right new motherboard for the repair and we have been off line for over a month. Lost the Christmas buy season in the delay.

The good news is that the new motherboard is in and functioning perfectly. The less than good news is that we are way way behind on things.

So, please, any of you who are wishing and hoping for the next blog to come forth, be patient for a couple more days.

Your blogger will be house sitting for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday with the cat and my own internet connection, floor space of yoga on, and a luxe bathtub to loll in. It will be fun and I will be prolific for a few days.

Take care of yourself. Enjoy your version of giving thanks and afterward, let me know what it was about for you. I love you all. Blessings to one and all.

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