Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What? It's almost Christmas?

Yes, it's almost Christmas!

At home there is a little tree lit up with glorious color, our seven year old, Aurora, is beside herself when she gazes at it. Today she put her own presents around the tree. We are all collecting those small thoughtfulnesses into colored packages and placing them around the table under the tree. Everyone feels good. warm. happy.

It has been noted that dysfunctional families are all predictable: it's always something and it's always a soap opera. Happy families are endlessly creative, dynamic, and, most of all, fun! Something new every day. Lots of fun.

My friends, please take a deep breath, no matter when it is that you choose to read this blog, have a perfect day in paradise right now. Let it be your Christmas. Let it be your New Years, Valentines' day and birthday as well, all on this day. Have fun. I am!

In perfect peace there is no fear.

By way of explanation: the computer now works better than ever. I am traveling the next two months and perhaps longer. Blogs will be intermittent. I will diary some because I will have battery power in the van to capture the ideas as they flow out of the desert realms where I intend to roam away from cold wind, damp snow and icey roads.

Be well. Stay tuned.

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